Swayd Affenpinscher

What are Papers ?

The differences between the Purebred Register and your pet shop puppy is that to be on the Purebred Register your dog has to be of known, recognised and registered parentage of the same breed. The breeder is also registered with the ANKC and is bound to follow a code of ethics.

A pedigreed purebred dog can be listed on either the Main Register (blue certificate) or Limited Register (orange certificate).

Dogs on Main Register can be shown in conformation shows in order to gain titles and may be bred from to other Main Register dogs of the same breed and have their progeny registered as purebreds.

The Limited Register (orange certificate) indicates that dog is pedigreed but cannot be shown at conformation shows nor can the dog be bred with and have the progeny registered as pedigreed puppies.

You can find out if the breeder you are talking to is registered with the ANKC by calling
the controlling body in your state:

A breeder MUST supply papers with your puppy, they can not charge you extra for them.

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