Swayd Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher Champions

Affenpinscher's that we have bred or owned that have obtained an ANKC title.

Hudson Sup Ch Strongfort Que Sera Sera
Lola Ch Strongfort Red Hot Black 
Missy Ch Strongfort Love At First Night
Rena Ch Strongfort Time To Reign
Travis Ch Strongfort Nothingonna Stop Me
Lincoln Ch Swayd Reign On Your Parade
Zipper Ch Swayd Storming The Castle Gate
Chicken Ch Swayd I Call Fowl Play
Nelly Ch Swayd Such Is Life
Deuce Ch Swayd Black With Two
Drama Ch Swayd Ohh The Drama
Posh Ch Swayd Little Miss Hoity Toity
Emoji C.I.B.Ch Swayd Running With Scissors
Justin Ch Swayd Cry Me A River 
Harry Neut Ch Swayd Thanks For The Memories
Howie Neut Ch Swayd How Do You Like Me Now 
Gizmo NZ Ch Swayd Don’t Feed After Midnight
Hollywood Ch Swayd Lights Camera Action
Memphis Ch Swayd Let It Reign On Me
Regina Ch Swayd You Cant Sit With Us
Damien Ch Swayd Like I Give A Damn
Chip Am Ch Enchante's Chip Off The Old Block (imp USA)
Trinket Ch Swayd Silence Is Golden
Buffy  Ch Swayd Reign Over Me
Skye  Ch Thyme Will Tell At Swayd (imp NZ)
Mr C Am Ch Monkey See C DGS (imp USA)
Lizzo Ch Swayd Truth Hurts
Lego Ch Swayd Building Blocks
Bounty Ch Koikey Karma Bounty Hunter
Adam-Ant Ch Swayd Return To Sender At Bohunt


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