Swayd Affenpinscher

About the Affenpinscher

For those looking to purchase an Affenpinscher I have put together a little bit of information for you. 

Affen's are considered to be a rare breed around the world. Originating in Germany and utilized heavily throughout Central Europe for their rat-catching abilities, these terrier-type dogs were welcome employees in stables, shops, farms, and homes. Bred down in size, they moved up in the world, becoming ladies’ companions. Today, they are happy, mischievous companion dogs.

The average price is $3000 -$3500 for a companion puppy.
The average size litter is 3-4. Many puppies have a home before the litter is even born. 

Puppies registered within Australia (ANKC now Dogs Australia)

?? pending in 2023
40 in 2022
27 in 2021
27 in 2020
31 in 2019
42 in 2018
32 in 2017
25 in 2016
27 in 2015
30 in 2014

They live for approx 16 years.

In Australia we can only show/breed black Or black with grey shading. In the US and NZ you can have Black, gray, silver, red. black and tan, or belge.

The Affenpinscher is a happy combination of charm and pluck. A small dog with stamina, agility, and great courage, yet upon occasion displays sensitivity and gentleness. Unusually intelligent an quick to learn, the Affen possesses a thinking process one can only observe with disbelief.

The Affen is a model dog with which to travel.
They adjust readily to changing circumstances.
These little dogs are alert and ready at all times to protect their owner, his home and possessions.

The Affen takes himself very seriously, which, together with his high rate of intelligence and desire to please, accounts for him being such a trainable and obedient little fellow.

The Affen has a great many endearing little traits that you seldom find in other breeds. He will toss his toys in the air for long periods of time, walk on his back legs, looking like an organ grinder's monkey, tucking his tail beneath him and sitting on his spine with back legs extended. Covering all of the Affen's charming characteristics would take too long, but talk to Affen owners and you soon will discover why they say "Bet you can't own just one!"

Unusually intelligent an quick to learn, the Affen possesses a thinking process one can only observe with disbelief. Toilet training can often be hard to achieve.

A harsh coated breed that can either be hand stripped or clipped to keep a neater appearance. Part of the breeds charm is his scruffy and unkept appearance.

While the fur of an Affenpinscher is wiry and is often considered hypoallergenic, this is not to be mistaken with "non-shedding." All dogs shed or produce dander.

A relatively healthy breed, to date have no known inherited illness, deformity or genetic malfunction. However as an active toy breed, they are active and do like to jump and in doing so can encounter problems with their patellas (slipping kneecaps).



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