Swayd Affenpinscher

Great Dane Champions

Great Danes that we have owned or bred that have obtained an ANKC title.


Sway Ch Wolfcrests Black Sway (Black)
Smoka Ch Thunderfire Brilliantblu (Blue)
Shimmer Ch Thunderfire Blue Swayd (Blue)
Shine Ch Swayd She Drives Me Crazy (Blue)
Slick Sup Ch Swayd Doing It My Way RN ET (Black)
Steele Ch Swayd Every Which Way But Yours (Black)
Scandal Ch Swayd Going It Alone (Black)
Sid Sup Ch Swayd Fire When Ready (Black)
Samba Ch Swayd Fire Before The Storm (Black)
Salsa Ch Swayd Dancing With Fire (Black)


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